Kasasa "Take Back Banking" Outbound Multi-channel marketing campaign

Conceptually, this campaign represented a uprising for consumers to take back control of their own banking, to demand fair treatment from their banks, and to refuse the unethical practices other banks. The campaign, which served community bands and credit unions, was a direct attack on mega banks. We created a logo that could take on many forms (like graffiti, etched wood, or ink) and feel home spun, as if consumers were leaving their mark within their environment to show their alignment to the cause. The headline font and red/black palette is a nod to Russian constructivism. While we wanted this campaign to be hard hitting, we also understood our audience, so we included lifestyle imagery that spoke to our regional consumer base.

Take Back Banking was primarily used for B2C marketing, but was also applied to our B2B marketing and included the following assets: Emails, landing pages, direct mail, digital ads, social ads, posters, billboards, brochures, a national conference, video commercials and radio ads. A choice of copy lines and images were available through a digital asset management sytem, for use by our financial institutions in specialized markets across the country.


Multichannel Marketing Campaign


  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Complete Design System and Style Guide
  • Art Direction
  • Photo Manipulation


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